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We have found White Suffolks to be versatile and adaptable, performing well in tough Mallee conditions and reaching target weights quickly in an adequate time frame.

Breeding Aims

  • Uniformity of breed type 
  • Well balanced animals with outstanding conformation and carcase shape.
  • Fast, early growth, optimal fat cover and superior muscling through the loin and hindquarter
  • Structurally sound
  • Short, dense Downs wool
  • Strong constitution
  • Lambing ease
  • Fertility

We embrace new technology, trial work and the development of genomic testing for hard to measure traits.

Home-bred sire Wingamin 112462 "TRIFECTA" is in the current Sheep CRC pilot program where his progeny are being evaluated for hard to measure traits such as lean meat yield and meat eating quality traits such as intra-muscular fat (important for flavour/ juiciness) and shear force (tenderness).