Custom made sheep weigh crates

Daniel and Shaun Shillabeer are fully qualified welders - metal fabricators with full time employment in heavy and complex structural engineering.
They are happy to quote on any repair or custom welding jobs.
Custom made ute trays and canopies made to order as well. click here

Sheep Crates

  • Brand new. Identical to the one we use here at Wingamin.
  • Ideal for weighing lambs and big enough for large, full grown sheep.
  • Constructed of 25 x 25 RHS galv and K-Rail with form ply floor.
  • Front and rear gates are 1/2 swing and operate independently.
  • Height: 900 mm  Length: 1350 mm  Width: 500 mm.
  • Made to fit 600 mm load bars (not included)
  • Comes with 2 wheels.