Stud Sales

2018 stud rams will be catalogued for sale in August.
See our show team at:

Hamilton Sheepvention: 6th - 7th August, 2018

Royal Adelaide Show: Aug 31st - 3rd September, 2018

White Suffolk judging in Adelaide is on Friday 31st August.
The Royal Adelaide Elite Ram Sale is held on Sunday, 2nd September.

Rams catalogued for sale at the SAFBI stud sale, Moorlands, SA (Wednesday, September 5th) will be on display at the Royal Adelaide Show on Friday and all weekend at the Wayville Showgrounds.  

Details and photos of our up-coming stud rams will be posted here in August.
Enquiries most welcome. Email us 


  • 2 QUALITY White Suffolk stud rams will be offered at the Royal Adelaide Elite Sale on Sunday, September 2nd, 2018 
  • QUALITY stud rams and 20 QUALITY White Suffolk stud ewes will be offered at the South Australian Foundation Breeders Sale, Moorlands, on Wednesday, September 5th, 2018. Click here to follow the SAFBI sale on Facebook
    2018 catalogue available mid august
  • Mixed age ewes are available by private selection in November 
  • Ewe lambs are available by private selection in Feb-March

Please enquire early if you are interested in ewes and ewe lambs by private selection as we don't hold excess stock for long.

Pictured below: Wingamin stud ewes offered for sale at the South Australian Foundation Breeders Sale in 2016


Wingamin 150402 Senior Champion at Bendigo,
 Hamilton and the Royal Adelaide Show in 2016.

Above: Wingamin 150402 T

Purchased by David and John Stephenson

Millinup Stud, WA

at the Royal Adelaide Elite Sale

for $10,000 in 2016.

Wingamin 133262 sold to Johnathon Dalla,
 Redwood stud for $10,000 in 2014.

Above: Wingamin 133262 T

Purchased by Johnathon Dalla

Redwood Stud

at the Royal Adelaide Elite Sale

for $10,000 in 2014.