Semen Sires

Packages are a minimum of 30 ewe doses (10 pellets).
All semen sires are DNA tested Hr Free.

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Semen sires available at Wingamin


Warburn 160048 (lot 8 - Warburn sale)

Warburn 160032 (lot 11 - Warburn sale)


Wingamin 112462 Tw "TRIFECTA"

2015 update: Trifecta sired both Senior Champion and Junior Champion rams at the 2015 Royal Adelaide Show. The junior Champion then went on to win Supreme Shortwool ram! (27 exhibitors - 343 entries)

Supreme Champion Prime Lamb and Maternal Breeds Ram at the 2012 Royal Adelaide Show.
Supreme Shortwool Ram and Supreme All Breeds Breeders Group at the 2012 Royal Adelaide Show.
Supreme White Suffolk Exhibit and Supreme Shortwool Ram at Hamilton Sheepvention in 2012.
Grand Champion ram and Supreme White Suffolk Exhibit at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo in 2012.

1071 progeny in 33 Lambplan tested flocks for 2014 - 2015
"TRIFECTA" progeny won both the ram lamb and ewe lamb objective measurement classes at the 2013 Royal Adelaide Show.
He features
  • Outstanding conformation - muscle definition in the loin & hindquarter & ideal carcase shape
  • Scanned with 54 mm eye muscle depth
  • Achieved the highest combined score for physical traits, market suitability, skin, wool & breed type in the Lambplan Lamb Production Class Hamilton Sheepvention with Wingamin 112284 (Reserve Champion ram, Hamilton Sheepvention 2012, retained) 
  • Quiet temperament
Detpa Grove 110452
Semen stock sold out
Young, August 2011 drop, milk tooth ram purchased for $10,000 at the 2012 Detpa Grove sale.
 Scanned in November 2012: 123.5 kgs, 8 mm fat, 51 emd.
Joined to 100 ewes for lambing in 2013 & 2014 and being used extensively again for the 2015 drop.
  • Sired 4 of the 6 broad ribbon winners at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show, Bendigo 2014 
  • Sired the Supreme Shortwool ram and ewe at Hamilton Sheepvention, 2014
  • Sired the Champion ewe and Reserve Supreme Shortwool ewe at the 2014 Royal Adelaide Show
  • Sired Junior Champion ram and our Supreme All Breeds Group at the 2014 Royal Adelaide Show
  • Sired MANY other prize winners including both ram lamb and ewe lamb objective measurement class winners!

Semen is also available from other significant sires (click the link to view)

Includes Wingamin 122714 "BENDIGO" pictured below who sired the Senior Champion ram and Supreme White Suffolk Exhibit at Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show, Hamilton Sheepvention and Royal Adelaide Show in 2016 (Wingamin 150402 - Sold for $10,000). Wingamin 122714 also sired W 150430 - 2nd May class and member of our Supreme Interbreed Pen of 3 Rams with 150402 (sold for $10,500)

Wingamin 122714 Supreme Exhibit Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show in 2013,
 Supreme Pen Of 3 rams and Supreme All Breeds Group 2013 Royal Adelaide Show

Below: Sons of Detpa Grove 110452 - Champion & Reserve Champion Junior Rams, Australian Sheep and Wool Show, Bendigo 2014.

    Junior and Res Junior Champs,
 Bendigo 2014




    Detpa Grove 150677 ($14,000)
    First and only progeny available in 2018

    semen unavailable

    Detpa Grove 150677


    Wingamin 112462 "TRIFECTA"
    Sold to Gary Heilig, Montana USA in 2013

    semen available

    Supreme Bendigo

    "TRIFECTA" Supreme Double
    Below: Champions sired by Detpa Grove 110452
    semen sold out

    Supreme Shortwool & Junior Champion son of  Detpa Grove 110452

    Supreme Shortwool daughter of DG 110452

    Supreme Group by DG 110452

    Below: Sons of Wingamin 122714 who has bred exceptionally well
    semen available

    Wingamin 150402 son of Wingamin 122714

    Wingamin 150430 sired by Wingamin 122714 sold for $10,500 in 2016